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Pak Sanat Motor Group is the first manufacturer of elevator motorless gearboxes in Iran. This company has started its work since 2017 . And by using the experiences of industrial and academic experts, has achieved the technology of designing and manufacturing elevatorless gearless motors. The use of high quality raw materials, precise advanced machining, quality control of parts and observance of principles in assembling parts has made the quality of products produced by this company very high and can compete with world famous brands. Production cars are very quiet and have a very smooth, uniform and vibration-free movement. Pak Sanat Motor Company is always thinking about developing and improving the quality of its products, and for this purpose, it has established a highly experienced research and development team consisting of experts in the fields of electrical, mechanical and materials.


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It is hoped that Pak Sanat Motor Company can take a step towards the increasing progress and excellence of Islamic Iran


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